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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Excess?

Excess is to the first amount of the claim which the owner has to bear. With an excess, driver(s) would tend to be more cautious because if a claims occur, the insured also has to pay and contribute towards the claim as well. In general, the higher the excess, the more careful would be the insured and hence the lower risk of having a claim and so lowering the premium.

What is No Claim Bonus (NCD)?

NCD is meant to reduce the premium that owners will have to pay the following year with regards to their insurance plan. If no claim is made during a period of insurance of one year or more immediately before the renewal of the policy, the renewal premium shall be reduced and discounted. This is a discount offered by insurers for owners as the longer the owners do not make any claims, they are eligible for better discount till a maximum of 50%.

Car owners need to know that the NCD applies to them, not their vehicles. And so, when sale of car take places and decide to buy a new one, they retain their NCD. However, if the owners possess more than one car, they may possess different NCDs for each car.

In an event if there was a claim made against own policy, existing NCD would be affected and reduced.

Before Claim

After Claim





30% & Below


What is No Claim Bonus (NCD) Protector?

NCD Protector serves as a protection for your hard-earned NCD of 50%. However, many insurers definitions of NCD Protector differ nowadays starting from 30% instead of only applicable to 50%. Meanwhile, please do bear in mind that the NCD Protector is only valid upon first claim and restrict to the existing insurer. In the event of switching insurer after the first claim is made, the NCD for the new insurer is no longer at 50% but 20% with claims to be declared.

What is Certificate of Merit?                                      

Certificate of Merit also known as Safe Driver Discount is awarded to drivers who had good records of Traffic-Offence free for the continuous past 3 years by the Road Authority.

What are the different types of Coverage?           

Comprehensive. It is an important fact to have this coverage if one's car is under financing-scheme. With this plan, claim expenses by both parties are claimable from the insurance companies. Owners are required to get this coverage plan if their cars are less than 10 years old and are still under financing schemes.

Third Party, Fire and Theft only. Under this plan, insurance payout is to the claim expenses made to the other parties and damages caused by Fire and Theft only. Not eligible for other forms of claim expenses related to the insured. This plan is compulsory for owners who are under financing scheme of their cars, which are more than 10 years old.

Third Party Only. Under this coverage plan, insurance payout is ONLY to the claim expenses made to the other parties and NOT claim expenses related to the insured. The basic required coverage for fully-owned cars to be on road.

What is meant by insured with COE and without COE?       

With COE value insured, insurance company would pay the policyholder the prevailing market value of the vehicle, including the COE value and sell the COE Refund certificate in the open market at discount. In any event, the maximum amount payout is no more than Estimate of Market Value if stated in the Policy Schedule.

With COE excluded, the claims settlement would exclude the COE value. The vehicle owner would receive the COE Refund Certificate, which he can use within 12 months either to purchase a new vehicle, or sell in the open market at a discount and will have to bear any financial loss which arises being insured without COE/PARF Value. In the event of total loss or Constructive Total Loss, insurance company would pay the prevailing market value less the residual value of the COE and PARF value at the time of loss.



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